• Singapore remains a big crypto haven despite its trust dips, as evidenced by the Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index report.
• 44 percent of residents in Singapore hold digital currency as part of their investment portfolios, while 46 percent invest in crypto monthly.
• Awareness around cryptocurrency has grown significantly this year, with more people turning their attention to altcoins.

Singapore Remains Crypto Haven Despite Trust Dips

The Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index recently reported that digital currency is still seeing active trading among people in Singapore, who appear to be steady in their investing despite some recent trust issues. Although the mark for crypto interest has dropped from 60 to 55, there is still enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies within the nation.

Crypto Popularity Among Residents

It’s estimated that about 44 percent of residents in Singapore hold digital currency as part of their investment portfolios and 46 percent invest in crypto monthly. Lasanka Perera – chief executive officer of Independent Reserve Singapore – commented on the situation saying: „2022 was a challenging time for the cryptocurrency industry due to several macroeconomic factors… As Singapore continues to remain open to innovation in digital assets, education remains crucial as awareness and adoption of cryptocurrencies among residents grow.“

Growing Awareness Around Crypto

This year alone, awareness surrounding crypto increased by over one percent which shows that while most were initially obsessed with bitcoin, many have turned their attention to neighboring altcoins. This suggests that even though there has been some loss of confidence and trust in the industry recently, people are still willing to give it a chance and explore what else it offers.

Regulations For Cryptocurrencies

Perera also mentioned how Singapore has „one of the clearest and robust regulations for cryptocurrencies“ which gives investors an added assurance when dealing with trusted players. This makes it an attractive place for those interested in entering into digital asset investments without fear or confusion about potential legal repercussions.


Overall, it appears that although trust may have dipped slightly among investors due to recent events like Terra-Luna’s collapse and FTX fallout, people are still interested enough to continue exploring what cryptocurrency can offer them. The regulations present also help reassure investors that they won’t have any legal trouble when dealing with legitimate companies.

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