• The Lebanon Police Department was successful in tracking down and taking back a customer’s stolen crypto funds.
• The department is equipped with software that helps them investigate digital crimes.
• They continue to do outreach to help people avoid falling victim to crypto scams.

Lebanon Police Track Down and Take Back Stolen Crypto

The Lebanon Police Department has been successful in tracking down a customer’s crypto funds that ultimately fell into the hands of a scammer. Richard Norris – supervisor of the Cyber Crimes Unit at the Lebanon Department – explained in an interview: Our unit handles everything from forensic extractions of mobile devices and computers.

Cyber Crime Division Commended

Chief Phillip Roberts of the Lebanon Police Department said in a statement: It’s all in an effort to combat the ever-changing times of the internet and computer crimes that we’re seeing. Not long ago, the police gave a big presentation at a local nursing home warning individuals living there about fraud. At the conclusion of this presentation, one resident reported falling victim to fraud.

Tracking Down Stolen Crypto

The cyber crime division used their resources to freeze the wallet containing stolen crypto units, subsequently forfeiting its contents to Lebanon police’s government crypto account – more than $5,000 worth returned successfully back into the hands of its owner. Supervisor Richard Norris expressed his enthusiasm for their success: I’m very proud of our Cyber Crimes Unit – citizens should be proud too!

Preventing Crypto Scams

The department continues performing outreach initiatives to let people know how they can avoid becoming victims of crypto scams – such as avoiding answering calls from unrecognized numbers or speaking with unfamiliar individuals asking for payments.


The efforts by Lebanon police are helping put an end to digital crimes like these, which is great news for everyone!

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