• Jack Dorsey has donated $10 million to Open Sats, a Bitcoin-focused non-profit.
• The money will be used to create a social media network focused on Bitcoin.
• Open Sats aims to promote the use of free and open source software, with a particular focus on Bitcoin.

Jack Dorsey Donates $10 Million To Bitcoin Non-Profit

Former Twitter head and current CEO of Block Jack Dorsey has pledged $10 million to Open Sats, a Bitcoin-focused non-profit organization based in Raleigh, North Carolina. This donation is intended to fund the creation of a social media network dedicated solely to Bitcoin.

Open Sats Mission

Open Sats mission is to support and maintain a sustainable ecosystem for free and open source projects and contributors, particularly those related to Bitcoin. Additionally, they believe that free software and open protocols are essential for freedom and prosperity in modern society, as without these digital tools our society risks descending into digital totalitarianism.

Dorsey’s Longterm Commitment To Crypto

Dorsey has long been an advocate for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. He predicted five years ago that bitcoin would become the world’s sole currency before all other fiat currencies like the yen or dollar were rendered obsolete by it. Furthermore, prior to the COVID pandemic he proposed touring Africa in order to promote blockchain technology so its people could benefit financially from it.

Defense Fund For Developers In Wright Case

Not too long ago Dorsey also provided assistance when several developers who previously worked with Australian computer scientist Craig Wright were named defendants in a lawsuit filed against them by their former employer. Dorsey created a defense fund for these individuals so they could have representation during this difficult time period.


In conclusion, Jack Dorsey’s donation of $10 million is certainly going to make an impact on Open Sats as well as any projects related to this non-profit organization’s mission of promoting free software and open protocols with special attention towards those concerning cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. His commitment towards aiding developers involved in legal proceedings also demonstrates his dedication towards defending crypto assets in the long term future regardless of their current legal circumstances or standings among more conservative governments or economic institutions

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