• LetMeSpeak is a decentralized language learning app that utilizes Web3 technology and has its own token economy, powered by the Solana Blockchain.
• Learners can earn exchangeable cryptocurrency for completing tasks using English in real-life situations.
• NFT characters have varying levels of rarity, which determines the rewards they can earn per successful learning action.

Decentralized Language Learning App

LetMeSpeak is a revolutionary blockchain-based language learning application that uses Web3 technology to create an ecosystem of motivated learners who are rewarded with crypto for their efforts. Its native currency, LSTAR, is freely transferable and exchangeable for digital dollars in the open market.

Cryptocurrency Rewards

Learners will be able to earn LSTAR tokens by successfully completing tasks using English in real-life situations such as traveling or parties. This provides motivation to continue studying and fuels enthusiasm for the platform.

NFT Characters

The main asset within this system are NFT characters, which come in four levels of rarity – Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary – each with their own unique parameters regarding rewards earned per successful learning action. The higher the rarity level of a character, the more rewards it can generate through successful completion of tasks. Furthermore, these characters also have inherent talents and learning speeds that do not change over time regardless of their level of rarity.

Low Transaction Fees & High Throughput

The Solana blockchain powers LetMeSpeak’s infrastructure due to its low transaction fees (from $0.00001) and high throughput (up to 50,000 transactions per second). Additionally, there are plans to eventually incorporate solutions like Wormhole which will make it easier for users from other chains to take part in the network while additional Layer 1 protocols may be added to provide an even smoother experience at scale.

Free 3-Day Trial

To get a taste of what LetMeSpeak has to offer before committing fully into buying an NFT character package with LSTAR tokens users will receive a free character valid for three days during which its earning potential is limited compared to rarer ones

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